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How to adopt

Have you found a cat or two, or maybe three who you want to give a good home to? We'd love to hear from you! 

First it's very important that you have read the adoption information site before applying, because it contains important information you should know before adopting.

Everyone must follow the adoption process as described and meet the requirements. 

Requirements for applying

  • You're at least 20 years old. 

  • You're not applying to adopt for someone else but yourself.

  • Getting another pet has been well thought through and prepared.

  • You've done research on what it takes to care for a cat (check out our site!)

  • It's unlikely that the cat will outlive you (they can live for 13-20+ years.)

  • The cat will be a beloved family member and live inside the home with it's humans, not locked outside just to live on the property by its own.

We can help match you with the right cat(s) for you!

But we need some relevant information first. Please fill in the adoption form and we'll get back to you by e-mail as soon as we can.

Here's some good tips before you start

  • Take your time on writing us a well informative and honest adoption application. This often makes the process faster and easier. 
    We'll be honest with you about whether we think we have a cat for you or not. If we don't have the type of cat that matches you or your wishes at the moment, we can put you on the "interest list". In that way we could let you know if we have a potential fit later.

  • Please, don't get a kitten if you already have an older cat or a senior.
    When cats get older and less active, a lot of cat owners start to dream about having a kitten again. Actually, many people think that getting a younger cat will be beneficial for the senior and that their cat would rather accept a kitten than a new adult cat. But from the cat's perspective, this is not the case. 
    Seniors are more sensitive to stress and changes, and should be spared getting a new housemate if possible. We highly recommend you to rather spend more time and energy into making your senior cat's life better instead of getting another cat. This can give you a closer bond and prolong your cat's life. You can read about caring for senior cats here.


  • A multi-cat household requires preparations and well-matched animals.
    To make ensure that your animals can cohabit, you have to put some preparations and work into it. Not all animals are good matches and you cannot expect them to accept each other without the right introduction. We have guides and tips on how to do this.


  • Adoptable cat = checked, treated and housetrained
    Our cats are being kept inside until they get adopted to ensure that they can't disappear. That also makes sure that they are well used to the litter box. Any healthy cat won't toilet around the house and we try to make sure our cats are as healthy as possible before adoption. 

Dersom du ikke får til å bruke skjemaet kan du svare på spørsmålene i en mail. Send søknaden din til:

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